Moving Tips

Plan Ahead

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Planning ahead can save so much time for everyone involved in a removal.

You can plan ahead for your removal with a few simple steps

  1. By making sure there is a sufficient space to park the removal vehicle(s) booked.

  2. It’s also important to make sure we have clear access to the objects being moved. (THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING OBSTRUCTING ACCESS AS THIS TENDS TO BE A SAFETY HAZARD.)

  3. It’s a good idea to have the fragile items separate from the heavier items as this helps our loaders load the vehicle safely.


Package your items and mark the boxes clearly with fragile tape when required if you have not purchased a packaging service.


Dismantle bigger objects in advance if you have not purchased our dismantling service.

*Contact us for packaging and dismantling prices*


In order to meet your requirements it is important to choose the right package required for your move. 


Have a careful think about the service you require so we can be prepared for all materials needed on the day of move.

We aim to avoid all obstacles on a move providing a great service to all our clients.

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