Relocating to a different location can be a major job to undertake for a company. The moving of a commercial premises requires a skilled team to undertake the demand of the move. BellAMove will provide our trained and friendly team to support your needs. 


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Office Clearance

Whether you are moving to a new office or simply need to remove items to give your business more space, BellAMove can meet your needs. We offer complete office clearance that will handle everything from loading to disposing of your unwanted office items.

We will provide the support you need, so you can devote time to other areas of your business. We will handle all aspects of your office clearance from start to finish. At BellAMove we will dispose of any unwanted items properly and we always recycle where possible. We offer services that are efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

If you have unwanted office items, our office clearance services will safely and effectively remove them and give you the space that you need. We can handle jobs of all sizes, BellAMove is a family owned company so you still get the personal touch that you want.


We offer a complete service including clearance, loading, cleaning, disposing and recycling of all types of office equipment and furniture from small to large businesses and work spaces.

All the heavy lifting and hard work is done for you as part of our service and our rates include all labor charges regardless of where we are clearing. We only start your office clearance after you have agreed to our final onsite quote and are happy for us to commence work.

We also provide removal of appliances such as refrigerators and ranges. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the specific office clearance services that meet your requirements.


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Step 1 – The Survey

The first step to a stress free move is to arrange to meet with one of our experienced surveyors who will discuss with you exactly what your removal requirements are, and recommend the best options available to you. Alongside creating a detailed inventory of the goods to be moved, the surveyor will discuss with you and take into account a whole range of other criteria, such as:

  •     A full packaging service

  •     China, glass and fragile pack only

  •     Advice on materials for self-pack

  •     Dismantling & reassembling service

  •     Specialist equipment needed, grand piano shoe, piano wheels, trolley, etc.

  •     Access and parking for lorries or vans at both properties

  •     Whether storage is required

Step 2 – The Quotation

Based on the results of your home survey we will provide a full quotation for you via email which will include all necessary booking forms within 24 hours, insurance details and our terms and conditions. Our quotations are valid for 28 days. Prices tend to fluctuate in peak and off peak season, because of this we will always be happy to discuss this with you.

Step 3 – The Preparation

We will stay in touch with you before the move and if you have decided to self-pack we will advise on packaging materials and methods to avoid unnecessary damage during the moving process.

Step 4 – The Packing

If you choose to you use our packaging service we will simply arrange the best way to do so. Depending on our schedule and the removal we may dedicate a whole day to your removal, however we may choose to pack the day before. Our trained team will quickly, efficiently and safely pack your belongings ready for the journey to your new home.

Many clients choose to save cost by packing themselves, However BellAMove will not be liable for any damages as we dont know the condition of items before being packed.

Step 5 – The Move

Not all moves are the same, but as a rule on moving day everything will be loaded into our vehicles by lunchtime. We will then head off to your new house, where once we have access we will unload your possessions into the correct rooms for you so that you can start your new life in your new home.


For more information about your move on for a quotation, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation, or to discuss the needs for a job.

House Clearence

If you are moving, it is pointless taking unwanted furniture with you, only to throw it away when you get to your new home. Moving is the ideal opportunity to be ruthless and throw away the unwanted contents of the loft, garage, shed that you haven’t seen for years!

Not only does it make your home less cluttered, which is obviously better from a selling point of view, but it could potentially reduce the cost of your removal.

We can clear your whole house or just dispose of a single item for you.

We also provide a clear and clean service, where the entire property will be cleaned after the move. We can handle one bedroom flats to large family homes. BellAMove can offer a complete service to suit all of your requirements.

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At BellAMove we provide a professional delivery service that can handle a variety of small and large packages to the destination of your choice. If you are a company looking for a dedicated team to delivery merchandise safely and securely BellAMove can assist.  

We offer local store pickups to personal deliveries for new furniture and household items.


For more information on our delivery services do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote. 

Get a quote: 0203-488-1923​​​​
Get a quote: 0203-488-1923​​​​
Get a quote: 0203-488-1923​​​​

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Get a quote: 0203-488-1923​​

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